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Since 2000 the ItalianModa B2B marketplace is the ultimate wholesale source to find qualified Italian suppliers, factories, wholesalers and brands offering the finest "made in Italy" luxury leather handbags, canvas bags, totes, hobo and messenger bags, as well as exclusive leather briefcases, luggage, and superb leather goods. The services provided by ItalianModa to the international wholesale buyers are totally for free!

You can also find many wholesale online catalogs of high quality luxury Italian handbags and leather goods individually managed by Italian handbag companies.

Each online wholesale catalog is an advanded B2B Electronic Commerce platform offering a selection of the best leather products from the collection of an individual Italian company, brand or distributor.

The online wholesale catalogs of sought-after, hard-to-find Italian luxury leather handbags and leather goods are aimed at upscale shops, boutiques, resellers, stockists, wholesalers and fashion companies.

Though very reasonable minimum quantities or order values are required, they usually do not allow the purchase of just one handbag to consumers (except for top notch exclusive handbags).


The best Italian luxury handbags (wholesale only)

Wholesale buyers can find an unprecedented selection of the finest Italian luxury leather handbags, fashion bags and leather goods.

The best of made in Italy fashion handbags can be purchased directly from the Italian manufacturers, factories, brands and wholesalers. No middleman, larger choice, lower price for exclusive Italian luxury bags and leather goods, including straw and canvas shoulder handbags.

The online wholesale catalogs are available around the clock, from the comfort of your office, saving tons of time and money during the purchasing process.


Leather bags from Italy : listing of Italian companies and factories manufacturing luxury leather bags, evening purses, and briefcases. Italian handbags are sought-after leather products, one of the best examples of the "Made in Italy" excellence.
Fashion fabric bags, Mesh Handbags, Straw bags : listing of Italian manufacturers of "Made in Italy" fashion bags made from high quality man-made or organic fabric, straw and other materials.
Wholesale online Catalogs of leather bags and leather accessories from qualified companies in Italy.
Women's and Men's Belts : leather belts and luxury belts made from exotic skins such as crocodile, ostrich and python.
Purses and other leather goods : purses, wallets, keyholders, leather desktop accessories, leather frames, agenda covers and many other rich leather accessories entirely handmade in Italy by skilled artisans

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Itlaian luxury handbags. Python and ostrich bags

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Made in Italy luxury bags and leather handbags wholesale

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More and more online wholesale catalogs of genuine Italian luxury fashion handbags and leather goods will be available soon. Return frequently or visit the wholesale online catalogs of Italian leather bags at ItalianModa.

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